Laurie Kleman Hole #9 with a 7 iron on May 4, 2019
Witness: Kenneth Kleman 

Craig Ratliff
 Hole # 11 with 4 iron 167 yards
Witness: Randy Cook, Larry Lundberg, and Rick Richards

Tanner Swint
Hole # 9 with 6 iron
Witness:Cody Carson

Kaleb Presley #9 with a PW 153 yards.
Witnesses: Logan Presley, Logan Scarlett, Beau Burgess, Clint Harris.

Andy Rooker
on hole #6 with a 6 iron 173 yards
Witnesses: Zane Hall and Scotty Edward

Nate Puishes
#9 with a 6 Iron
Witnesses: Lorenzo Wiebe, Alex Huggins, Evan Baker

Scott Williams
Hole #13 from 113ydrs with a 56 degree sand wedge Oct 12, 2018
Witnesses: Tim McCord, Tim Williamson, and Mason Walters.

Dwayne Chenault Hole #9 with a PW at 140 yards.
Witnesses: Albert Rangel and Ronnie Freeman September 10,  2018

Mason Holcomb Hole #5 155 yards with a 8 iron
Witness: Tyler Eubank August 23, 2018

Tim Caraway
Hole #16 strong tail wind hit Driver 405 yards
Witnesses: John Cobb, Bobby Thomas, Bam Morris May 8, 2018

Haffis Banire
  Hole #3 190 yrds 5 iron
Witnesses: Jaime Booterbaugh, Ronnie Freeman, Evan Matlock, Loyd Sanders

Larry Davidson
Hole #13 at 134 yards with a 7 iron
Witnesses: Steve Fife, A.B. Morris

Steve Corley hole #6, 165 yrds 7 iron

Witnesses: Jimmy Green, Tony Dykes, Bill Pevehouse, Mike Helms.

Papo Hernandez hole #13, 120 yards 7 iron

Witnesses: Dana Tartaglione, Bert Boneta, Ray Lozada

Bobby Sansom #6 180 yards with a 5iron on 12-3-17

Witnesses: Clint Harris, Ramiro Rodriguez, Bobby Freeman, Ronnie Rosson

Jerry Rose Hole #11 152 yards with 7 iron

Witnesses: Logan Lutrick and Tamara Taylor

Jonathan Martin Hole #6 183 yrds on august 19 2017

Witnesses: Jeremy fair, Jason Wilhite, Ryan sanders

Johnny Castellado
Hole #13 120 yrds 9 iron

Witness: Katie Castellado 7-30-2017

Sal Corrales Hole #9 140 yrds 6 iron

Witness: Eric Ochoa 6-30-2017

Kelly Fuller Hole #9 at 144 yards with a 9 iron on April 23rd, 2017!

Witnesses: Zane Shields, Bryson Fuller, Brady Reese, Kyle Montemayor

Richard Smith
hole in one on Hole #9 with a 9 iron 11-11-16
135yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Lane Windham, Scott Cummings, Pat Farmer 

Bryan O'Harrow
hole in one on Hole 13 with a 8 iron 07-29-2016
145 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Van O'Harrow, Blake Brady, Matt Bennett

Toney Dykes
hole in one on Hole 13 with a 8 iron 07-03-2016
156 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Myra Dykes

Sam Caskey hole in one on Hole 18 with a 5 iron 02-27-2016
211 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Richard Montoya, Steve Jeffries, Billy Gutersloh

Nathan Cole hole in one on Hole 11 with a 7 iron 02-14-2016
172 yrds on the distance

Witness: Jess Headley

Ty Houtchens
hole #13 at Reese 9 iron, 154 yards

Witnesses: Beau Burgess, Chris McAllister, Bryan Howard, and Mike Chavez

Mike Trammel hole #6 185 yards. He hit a 4 utility club.
Witnesses: Ronnie Freeman, Evan Matlock, Johnny Palmer, Al Hernandez

Tim Arp Hole #9 136 yards. He hit 6 iron.
Witnesses: Pat O'Conner, Ronnie Fowler, Jimmy Billings

Andy white makes a 2 on #7
par 4 132 yrds with a 9 iron
Witnesses: Ramiro Rodriguez, Josh Palmer, Tony Vierra, Marc Vittitow

Jeremy Whitefield hole 1 at Reese par 5 170 yrds with a 9 iron
Witnesses: Ramiro Rodriguez, Josh Palmer, Tony Vierra, Marc Vittitow