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About the Course

The Reese Golf Center layout was designed by George Williams, ASGCA, in 1997. This layout is diverse and varied, featuring wide fairways, doglegs and strategically-placed bunkers. Water also comes into play on several holes, placing a premium on accuracy. The course rating is 69.9 and the slope is 120 on Bermuda grass. Play spans 6,367 yards for a par of 72.

The Reese Golf Center has earned its reputation as the most beautiful Lubbock golf course.


The Reese Golf Course first debuted in 1997, offering Lubbock golf lovers a layout designed by George Williams, ASGCA. The golf course is the focal point of The Reese Center, which provides gated, golf course living at The Reserve at Reese Park. All aspects of this area were meticulously designed for the enjoyment of you — the guests.

Hole By Hole

Laurie Kleman Hole #9 with a 7 iron on May 4, 2019
Witness: Kenneth Kleman

Craig Ratliff Hole # 11 with 4 iron 167 yards
Witness: Randy Cook, Larry Lundberg, and Rick Richards

Tanner Swint Hole # 9 with 6 iron
Witness:Cody Carson

Kaleb Presley #9 with a PW 153 yards.
Witnesses: Logan Presley, Logan Scarlett, Beau Burgess, Clint Harris.

Andy Rooker on hole #6 with a 6 iron 173 yards
Witnesses: Zane Hall and Scotty Edward

Nate Puishes #9 with a 6 Iron
Witnesses: Lorenzo Wiebe, Alex Huggins, Evan Baker

Scott Williams Hole #13 from 113ydrs with a 56 degree sand wedge Oct 12, 2018
Witnesses: Tim McCord, Tim Williamson, and Mason Walters.

Dwayne Chenault Hole #9 with a PW at 140 yards.
Witnesses: Albert Rangel and Ronnie Freeman September 10,  2018

Mason Holcomb Hole #5 155 yards with a 8 iron
Witness: Tyler Eubank August 23, 2018

Tim Caraway Hole #16 strong tail wind hit Driver 405 yards
Witnesses: John Cobb, Bobby Thomas, Bam Morris May 8, 2018

Haffis Banire  Hole #3 190 yrds 5 iron
Witnesses: Jaime Booterbaugh, Ronnie Freeman, Evan Matlock, Loyd Sanders

Larry Davidson Hole #13 at 134 yards with a 7 iron
Witnesses: Steve Fife, A.B. Morris

Steve Corley hole #6, 165 yrds 7 iron

Witnesses: Jimmy Green, Tony Dykes, Bill Pevehouse, Mike Helms.

Papo Hernandez hole #13, 120 yards 7 iron

Witnesses: Dana Tartaglione, Bert Boneta, Ray Lozada

Bobby Sansom #6 180 yards with a 5iron on 12-3-17

Witnesses: Clint Harris, Ramiro Rodriguez, Bobby Freeman, Ronnie Rosson

Jerry Rose Hole #11 152 yards with 7 iron

Witnesses: Logan Lutrick and Tamara Taylor

Jonathan Martin Hole #6 183 yrds on august 19 2017

Witnesses: Jeremy fair, Jason Wilhite, Ryan sanders

Johnny Castellado Hole #13 120 yrds 9 iron

Witness: Katie Castellado 7-30-2017

Sal Corrales Hole #9 140 yrds 6 iron

Witness: Eric Ochoa 6-30-2017

Kelly Fuller Hole #9 at 144 yards with a 9 iron on April 23rd, 2017!

Witnesses: Zane Shields, Bryson Fuller, Brady Reese, Kyle Montemayor

Richard Smith hole in one on Hole #9 with a 9 iron 11-11-16
135yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Lane Windham, Scott Cummings, Pat Farmer

Bryan O’Harrow hole in one on Hole 13 with a 8 iron 07-29-2016
145 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Van O’Harrow, Blake Brady, Matt Bennett

Toney Dykes hole in one on Hole 13 with a 8 iron 07-03-2016
156 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Myra Dykes

Sam Caskey hole in one on Hole 18 with a 5 iron 02-27-2016
211 yrds on the distance

Witnesses: Richard Montoya, Steve Jeffries, Billy Gutersloh
Nathan Cole hole in one on Hole 11 with a 7 iron 02-14-2016
172 yrds on the distance

Witness: Jess Headley

Ty Houtchens hole #13 at Reese 9 iron, 154 yards

Witnesses: Beau Burgess, Chris McAllister, Bryan Howard, and Mike Chavez

Mike Trammel hole #6 185 yards. He hit a 4 utility club.
Witnesses: Ronnie Freeman, Evan Matlock, Johnny Palmer, Al Hernandez

Tim Arp Hole #9 136 yards. He hit 6 iron.
Witnesses: Pat O’Conner, Ronnie Fowler, Jimmy Billings

Andy white makes a 2 on #7 par 4 132 yrds with a 9 iron
Witnesses: Ramiro Rodriguez, Josh Palmer, Tony Vierra, Marc Vittitow

Jeremy Whitefield hole 1 at Reese par 5 170 yrds with a 9 iron
Witnesses: Ramiro Rodriguez, Josh Palmer, Tony Vierra, Marc Vittitow